Business Structure

On the basis of Group's strategic objective and business development planning, we have increasingly improved the Group's internal management system, department structure and various systems, and launched simultaneously CI (image design) and official website ( ). Until now, a complete system has been formed, functional departments have realized in the process of the system formulating "Group-Department-Employee" self-management, realizing seamless and comprehensive connection of each link, so as to standardize and normalize the implementation of the Group's rules and regulations, and continuously test and improve them in the actual operation. According to the functional management and business operation, the Group has established business companies, project companies and five functional departments including the Banking Investment Department, Project Management Center, Risk Control and Management Department, Financial Management Department, General Management Department. The organizational structure is as follows:

The Group applies marketing concept in the process of operation, actively adopts to the new normal, studies new methods, achieves new breakthroughs, maximizes the role of the market, stimulates the market’s vitality, and improves the effectiveness of resource allocation.

In the course of business development, the Banking Investment Department and business companies strictly follow the process of "Project Contact - Project Approval - Due Diligence - Project Preliminary Review - Business Negotiation - Project Review". The process of Risk Control and Management Department runs through the whole business operation system of the Group. The legal Department provides security in time for the implementation of business by cooperating with external legal counsel, and finally achieve clear business process, clear rights and responsibilities.

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