Main Business

The PEAIG group is mainly specialized  in the three aspects: investment and financial services, industrial investment, construction and operation of major projects.

(1) In terms of industrial investment, it 's mainly focused on competitive and advanced industries. With a view to the Maritime Power Strategy and Civil-Military Integration Development Strategy applied in the West Coast New Area, combining with domestic and international demand, the Group invest heavily in cross-border industrial products export e-commerce, new materials, clean energy, energy conservation, environmental protection, artificial intelligence, information technology, culture education, medicine, health care, pension industry and other emerging industries, taking full advantage of the brand, resources, capital, management and talents, through investing on superior industries, merging and reorganization, the PEAIG Group is able to shape and improve its industries, provide systematic and all-round financial services for the projects, realize the goal of "Industry-Finance Integration", thus form the industrial core of the Group.

(2) In terms of the operation for major projects, with the aid of comprehensive function of the West Coast New Area undertaking national development strategic task focused on the development, reform and opening up, the PEAIG Group will take advantage of capital and its own institutions to participate in the projects of the new area invested on people's livelihood improvement, emergency engineering, building housing, infrastructure and other major projects, and play a key role.

(3) In terms of financial services, dominated by "industry + capital" model, the PEAIG Group enlarge the capital scale by adopting effective financial tools, actively introduce strategic emerging industries and Civil-Military Integration industries according to national industrial policy, improve the efficiency of investment, and gradually form a financial service system which combines the whole industrial chains integrating the financing, investment, management and exit.

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